Nowadays, perhaps the most successful tool you’ve got in your marketing arsenal is using video as part of your marketing tactic. For a lot of years, the power of video has exponentially increased and has become the most common approach for an audience to interact with a product or brand. 

For those who don’t know, video marketing is an approach of utilizing videos as part of your marketing tactics to market and endorse your service, product, or brand. Video marketing can improve engagement in every social media and digital platform you’ve got. In addition to that, it also educates your audience about your service or product. 

However, before you hire a video production company in St Catharines for your video marketing needs, here are a couple of tips you should know: 

Interactive Videos 

Videos with interactive and clickable content, also known as interactive videos, can be utilized to improve your audience’s engagement. Keep in mind that if you utilize this type of video, you’ve got to be consistent. Audiences might not be extremely familiar with this type of video. Thus, if you use technology for interaction, it will help keep your audience watching and lower the viewer’s frustrations. In addition to that, you also have to utilize video branching. It’s a method that enables the audience to pick their own video path and skip to the parts they’re really interested in. 

Live Streaming Videos 

Just like interactive videos, consistency is vital with live streaming. Your audience has to know when and where if you want them to tune in. You’ve got to ensure you’re utilizing the same social media channel consistently at the same time of the day on the same day of the week. As much as possible, you should live stream on every channel. Various target audiences often use various forms of channels. This includes YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and much more. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you take advantage of the various types of exposure.  

Social Media Videos 

For social media, the story is what’s all about in video content. Thus, you’ve got to ensure that your video is a compelling one. Whenever audiences connect to a story on a level of emotion, they’re compelled to act. Before you even consider shooting, be sure the story is planned properly. In addition to that, you’ve got to choose a channel and personalize it accordingly. For instance, the length limit of Instagram is 1 minute. On the other hand, Facebook allows 4-minute stories. Though the sound is also crucial, you’ve got to remember that sound might be muted on some devices. Thus, ensure your story is also compelling visually.  

Drone Videos 

Utilizing drone videos together with your normal videos is an ideal method to make your audience feel like they’re part of the action. In addition to that, you can utilize a drone to capture anything that a hand-held camera would have been used. The reason for this is that a drone can help lower the shakiness of a video. Furthermore, it also improves the video’s quality.